Taxis are undrivable vehicles seen in various places.

In GameEdit

Burnout 3: Takedown Edit

Taxis are scattered across all three places in the World Tour, all of them are based on same car (Chevrolet Caprice). In the USA they resemble New York City taxis. In Europe they are grayish white. They can be found in Alpine Expressway and Riviera. In Far East they are red which resemble to Hong Kong Taxi. Smashing a rival into a taxi will cause a Taxi Takedown.

Burnout: Revenge Edit

In USA they seem resemble to Ford Crown Victoria NYC Taxi. In Europe they are seem to be grayish white Retro Mercedes-Benz, In Asia they are both resemble the same car, Nissan Cefiro/Toyota Crown Comfort, but in Eastern Bay they are green with white stripe, resemble to Japanese taxis while in Central Route they are red resemble to Hong Kong Taxi.

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