The Miracle Mile Championship stage 07 - The Miracle Mile - B2 thumb
Championship stage 07 - The Miracle Mile - B2 menu
Part of Championship
Type Point to Point Race
Goal Place 3rd or better
B2 Trophy C

The Miracle Mile is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Championship.

It is the seventh stage of the Championship and is composed of a Point to Point Race. The event takes place on Heartbreak Hills, and is the shortest of the three Point to Point event. This does not make it easy, however. The Crystal Summit Lake section of the track is riddled with sharp turns, while the Interstate Loop section has dense traffic which require careful handling to evade.

Events Edit

This event is comprised of a single Point to Point race.

Title Icon
Heartbreak Hills Heartbreak Hills B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

  • Upon winning The Miracle Mile, the player is rewarded with a Trophy. Roller Coaster Grand Prix is unlocked, as are Crystal Summit Peak and Big Surf Shores tracks for Single Race and Time Attack modes.
  • Earning a Gold medal unlocks Pursuit 2.
  • Winning a Gold medal on this stage also contributes to the unlocking of the Infinite Boost Cheat.

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