The Run To The Sun Championship stage 03 - The Run To The Sun - B2 thumb
Championship stage 03 - The Run To The Sun - B2 menu
Part of Championship
Type Point to Point Race
Goal Place 3rd or better
B2 Trophy B

The Run To The Sun is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Championship. It is unlocked by completing the Pacific Gate Grand Prix.

It is the third stage of the Championship and is composed of the first Point to Point Race in the game, Ocean Sprint. The player starts in Palm Bay Marina and must race to Big Surf Shores. The player races against the Pickup (colored burgundy), the Coupe (colored blue) and the Hot Rod. If the player uses one of these colors, the Pickup will instead use yellow and the Coupe will instead use burgundy. The Hot Rod is completely unaffected by color changes, as it is unable to do itself. If one of these cars are used by the player, the Sport will also appear, colored black normally and burgundy if the player colors their car black. 

Events Edit

This event is comprised of a single Point to Point race.

Title Icon
Ocean Sprint Ocean Sprint B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If the player uses the color of the Coupe, or the Sport if it appears in the race, then they will force the Pickup to use its alternative color by stealing burgundy from it.

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