BP SmallLogo Mono
Third Burnout Paradise Update
Version v1.90
Codename Eastwood
Type Free Update
Released PlayStation Logo Xbox-logo June 11, 2009
Size 1,200 MB (1.2 GB)

Burnout Paradise's Ninth Update (Console 1.90) is an unnamed free update. It was released on June 11, 2009 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This update will not be made available for Burnout Paradise PC.[1] [2]

Its main purpose was to introduce the PDLC Big Surf Island pack to the game.

Island AdditionsEdit

  • 5 Island Vehicles
  • 12 new Roads

Console Specific AdditionsEdit

Additional ChangesEdit

  • The map has been changed to incorporate Big Surf Island.
  • Mainland Offline Road Rage target scores have been lowered to 20 takedowns.
  • Mainland Offline Stunt Run event target scores have been capped to 500,000 points and a time limit of 2 minutes.
  • The amount of points awarded in an Online Marked Man for a taking down the Marked Man has been changed from 2 to 1
  • An exploit using the 88 Special's boost has been fixed.
  • The HUD and menus have been overhauled featuring an orange color-scheme over the blue as in previous versions. The Paradise logo now says "Welcome to Big Surf Island."
  • Billboards now feature new "adverts" such as "Join the Diamond Club" and "Crashbreaker Laxatives."
  • Options to turn off the Criterion Games Network on game boot up and invert camera rotations have been added for PlayStation 3 users.
  • The Robbers Team starting position on Cops & Robbers has been changed to Parr & South Bay.
  • The paintjobs of the offline Marked Man pursuit vehicles has been changed to gloss black.
  • A vehicle's manufacturer name and logo is now displayed for non-purchased DLC vehicles when in the Junkyard.

Update FaultsEdit

  • The Carson Extreme Hotrod is shown with the incorrect Hunter logo when selecting it from the Junkyard.
  • If the player chooses the standard version of a car, the icon for its Burning Route version (or vice-versa) will display the "New!" icon above its Junkyard icon and its odometer will be reset to 0. Fortunately, this does not affect anything you've done in that particular car and it can be driven as normal. It is simply annoying. However, the animation where the camera zooms in on the pulsating neon sign that reads "New Wrecks Here" will not play. This also only affects cars that actually have a Burning Route version; for example, driving the standard Carson GT Concept will not effect the odometer on the Carbon version, only the Flame.


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