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Ticket to Ride
Players 3 Number # 4
Type Co-Op - Timed - Car
Target 1:30 (was -:--)
Best PSN 0:20.68
Best XBL 0:56.00
Criteria (in 2 Parts)
Start Meet up in the Toll Booth between Sections 1 & 2 of I-88.
Finish Everyone squeeze onto the roof of the train yard before time runs out. You’ll need Webster Car Park to get there!
Horizontal 300px hack
Difficulty Rating 4 / 10


As the time starts, take the shortcut and head to the Car Park on Webster Avenue rooftop. Once there, you need some speed to get to the ramp and launch it onto the roof of the train yard.

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Landmarks to Note
Start Toll Booth on I-88 Sections 1 & 2 Mark Webster Avenue Car Park Finish Train Yard Rooftop


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Advised Cars
Advised Boost: Stunt Advised Speed Stat: Any Advised Boost Stat: Any


  • This challenge's title is a reference to the Beatles song "Ticket to Ride."