Tow Truck is a "Special" vehicle firstly introduced in the first Burnout game. It is very large and heavy but despite its weight, the Tow Truck cannot perform traffic checking as slamming headfirst into traffic will send the cars skyward instead. The truck is not impervious to damage however and can become wrecked as well. Rear-ending traffic won't cause it to crash.

Its low top speed and very poor handling capabilities make it a poor vehicle choice for any race type.

How to Unlock Edit

Win Face-Off 2

To unlock the Tow Truck in Face-off 2, the best option is to use either Roadster or Muscle throughout the race. Don't worry, the Tow Truck will be slower than your car so you wont have any problems beating it and it will become an easy win. If you are struggling on the last main freeway straight if you can risk it dodge the oncoming traffic coming towards you and if your able to, use your boost and keep dodging traffic. However if you cant quite dodge the traffic, stay on the left side of right side of traffic and take the petrol station as a shortcut.

Resemblance Edit

This vehicle resembles a Navistar International tow truck.

Notes Edit

  • At some point during development, this vehicle was presumably called the UT500 Jackhammer.[1] It was later renamed the Tow Truck for unknown reasons.

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