Toy Firehawk GP
Toy Firehawk
Make Nakamura emblem
Game BurnoutParaLogo
Boost Boostless
Speedicon Stat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (5)
Boosticon Stat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (0)
Strengthicon Stat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (3)
Speed 165 MPH
Leaning 180 MPH
Has original


What he lacks in stature, this little dude more than makes up for in attitude. And while that may look like a monkey bike, it packs a heck of a lot of pace.

How to UnlockEdit

It is included with other toy vehicles in the Toy Vehicles Pack for 1000Ms or is able to be purchased individually for 240Ms.


This vehicle is a toy version of the Firehawk GP Competition.


  • This vehicle was accidentally released by Microsoft on Xbox 360 on February 19, 2009 allowing some players to download it but it was removed shortly thereafter until its official release.
  • Unlike the original Firehawk GP Competition, the livery on the Toy Firehawk GP cannot be changed from the United Kingdom's livery regardless of game region or country.
  • The Female Rider cannot be chosen as a rider for the Toy Firehawk GP.

See AlsoEdit

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