Here is a list of Traffic vehicles seen in Burnout 3.

Listing Edit

  • Taxi - Seen mostly in city areas (coloured yellow in the USA, White in Europe, and Red and White in the Far East).
  • RV/Motorhome - Seen around Silver Lake.
  • Minivan - Seen throughout almost all tracks.
  • SUV - Similar to the Minivan, seen on the USA.
  • SUV 2 - Similar to the other SUV, seen on Europe.
  • City Bus - Also seen on USA tracks.
  • Tram - Seen on Waterfront and Winter City.
  • Sedan - Seen mostly in USA tracks.
  • Compact - Seen on almost all tracks.
  • Coupe - Seen on almost all tracks.
  • Small Truck - Common on USA tracks, but also seen on others.
  • Snowplow - Seen on Europe tracks with snow such as Winter City.
  • Tuk-tuk - Very common in Far East tracks.
  • Far East Tour Bus - Seen commonly on Far East tracks.
  • Station Wagon - Seen in Far East.
  • Vineyard Grape Van - Seen on Vineyard only.
  • Minibus - Seen on Golden City.
  • Big Rig w/ Trailer - Common on almost all tracks.
  • Big Rig w/ Semi Trailer carrying a speedboat - Seen on Waterfront.
  • Big Rig w/ Tanker - Common on some tracks. Strategy for Crash events.
  • Big Rig w/ Semi Trailer carrying some crops - Seen on some tracks depends on what they carry.

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