There are four types of unusable trucks in Burnout Paradise. They are worth between $2100 and $3200 each in Showtime mode.

Name Picture License Plate Notes Showtime Value
Pickup Traffic truck pickup
Empty License Plate


Can be seen everywhere, but generally in the urban areas. $ 2,100
Bhall Open-Bed Truck Traffic truck openbed
Empty License Plate


Seen only in the rural area. These farm vehicles only come in blue and their bed is always empty.
Tow Truck Traffic truck tow
Empty License Plate


Seen in the rural area and are fairly rare. They have a tow package, lights and caution cones. It shares the same license plate as the open-bed truck above.
Paradise City Parcel Delivery Truck Traffic truck delivery
Empty License Plate


Only seen in the Downtown Paradise and River City districts. It resembles a UPS delivery van by Grumman Olson.
Truck Traffic truck
Empty License Plate


Are seen only seen in the City and generally in white. They are significantly smaller than the Parcel Trucks.
Paradise City Electric Truck Traffic truck paradise electric
Empty License Plate


A cherry picker truck seen only in the urban districts in the vicinity of the Rockridge Hydro Station.
Note: When driving a Takedown 4x4, Inferno Van or an Olympus, one could be able to flip over Delivery, Normal and even Tow Trucks. The Pioneer could too but its lower strength means it has a higher chance of wrecking.

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