There are six different undrivable civilian vans in Burnout Paradise. 4 of the 6 vans seen on the streets of Paradise City share the same model as the Carson Inferno Van which suggests that they are all manufactured by Carson. 2 vans also bear real brand adverts such as the Diesel and Gillette Fusion Vans.

In Showtime they are each worth $3200 despite their differences.

Name Picture License Plate Notes Showtime Value
Normal Van Traffic van
Empty License Plate


The standard van is the most common in all areas, on par with the Saloon in terms of presence. $ 3,200
Rescue Van Traffic van rescue
Empty License Plate


Understandably, they are only seen in the White Mountain and Silver Lake districts.
Repair Van Traffic van repair
Empty License Plate


Seen in Harbor Town and Motor City.
TV Broadcast Van Traffic van 5news
Empty License Plate


Especially seen in Big Surf. These vans bear 5News decals and have broadcasting equipment on the roof.
Camper Van Traffic van camper
Empty License Plate


The largest van, this small recreational vehicle is very present in the Silver Lake area as well as in the more urban districts.
Product Placement
Gillette Fusion Van Traffic van gilette
Empty License Plate


The van that every man needs is seen absolutely everywhere. $ 3,200
Diesel Van Traffic van diesel
Empty License Plate


Seen in the urban areas of Paradise City only, despite being an advertisement like its Gillette counterpart.

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