Tuned Muscle (Burnout Dominator)
04Tuned Muscle
Game BurnoutDomLogo
Class Tuned
Ratings Unknown
Boosting 175 MPH

The Tuned Muscle is a Tuner variant of the Factory Muscle. The Tuned Muscle has a more extravagant bodykit, a taller air intake, a roof scoop and a large spoiler. The Tuned Muscle doesn't perform any differently than its original version despite its slight speed increase. It is still light and responsive for its aggressive design but this reduces its effectiveness in vehicular combat.

How to Unlock Edit

Takedown the Tuned Muscle three times during the Steeltown Works Race to unlock it.

Resemblance Edit

The Tuned Muscle has an appearance comparable to the Plymouth Barracuda and the Second Generation Buick GNX.

The blocky splash streak vinyls on the sides of the muscle are almost identical to the ones on the sides of the Custom Coupe Ultimate.

Notes Edit

  • The Tuned Muscle has an unchangeable paint job.

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