Tuned Sports
02Tuned Sports
Game BurnoutDomLogo
Class Tuned
Ratings Unknown
Boosting 175 MPH

The Tuned Sports is the Tuned variant of the Factory Sports. The Tuned Sports equips a racing bodykit, air intakes, a roof scoop, a new hood, a spoiler, new tail lights and two added exhausts above the existing pair. The Tuned Sports handles much like its original which was both responsive and grippy in turns whilst easy to drift. It also retains its weight advantage making it a great choice for aggressive Races and Road Rages in high traffic areas.

How to Unlock Edit

The Tuned Sports is the starting vehicle in the Tuned Series.

Resemblance Edit

The Tuned Sports generally resembles the 2001 Dodge Super 8 Hemi.

Notes Edit

  • The Tuned Sports cannot be recolored.

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