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April 18, 2010
  • I live in the bowels of someplace
  • I was born on August 24
  • I am alive! And I'm seeing things mighty clear today, I'm alive!

Hai thar.

Harmless The Halfblood (Talk - Contribs) Clan Membership
150px-PSN logo color trans lone_driver Gb GMT +0(DST) Issued: 26.11.10
Mic N - Cam N - KBD N Available: Anyday, before nine and after five.
Skills Vertical T-bones, Making a Watson 25 V16 Revenge handle like a Nakamura Ikusa GT, Wrecking 3 times in 5 seconds, Ruling Paradise, Driving like a bat out of hell!
Clan Rank Learner "If you don't have the speed, You don't have Paradise."


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