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Hi there Burnopedia! I'll probably be sticking around a while, so I'll try and leave my own mark here. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute, but I'll have a bash. I have a generally decent knowledge of Wikis; I'm admin over at the near-deceased LBP Wiki (someone's gotta keep it going, right?). I hope I can gain some kind of trust with users here and make the Burnopedia a better place for everyone.

Personality wise, I'm normally a carefree and quiet person, but I feel strongly about my own opinions which I like to voice. I always have an abusable soft spot; I let things pass and like to help out as much as possible, and learn from mistakes. This is one reason why I got into helping Wiki's; as much as I like to read things, I also like to be a part of it too! I'm known for not taking things seriously because to me, even the most dismal things always have a bright side.

Oh, by the way, I have the PS3 version of Paradise. My username is also Show_Time111 but, like don't go adding it without saying, yes?


Obviously I wouldn't be much use without some Burnout knowledge right? Well, here's my experience with Burnout. I've never really been a car fan, but I don't mind watching racing (y'know, like F1) or playing the odd game, but it's kinda samey. I'd never really recognized Burnout until my bro got Revenge. I didn't think much to it as first, but then I realized this was something totally different to bog-standard racers. I didn't play it like I would any other game, but I still found it fun, 'speshly Crash Party.

After getting a PS3, my and my bro knew that Burnout Paradise would be the game to get. It's fun, mental, energetic and huge. Never disappointed. In fact, the Showtime for me was so cool, and reminded me so fondly of my time with Revenge, that my PSN name was forced to be inspired by it.

Toy Manhattan


My favorite car has to be the Hunter Manhattan. It's not the best later on, but its great for Stunts at the start which are my favorite events. Plus, I can drive it in bright green and not look like a total wally. Must...get...Toy Pack! I also like the Carson Grand Sicilian for reasons largely unknown.

I also have the Big Surf Island Pack. It's insane, but I smashed every Billboard and found every Mega Jump in little over one hour and thirty minutes. It took me a further 30 minutes to finish off the Smashes, and another hour or so to finish the Road Rules (got average of about $3 million on every road. Overkill!) Suffice to say, I actually really liked the prize cars. Personally, having a version of something old pleases me more than something new...even if it's largely the same.

Random facts! My longest air time is 6.7 seconds! Best barrel rolls are 6! Longest drift is 1.7 miles! Best flatspin is (meh) 355 degrees! Highest multiplier is 36! Biggest score is little under 3.5 million points! Yeah, I like Stunt Run.

I'm no good with Userpages, so that'll do for now. I'm sure anyone else would agree.

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