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March 8, 2009

Hi! I'm a guy from Manchester, England. I only got Paradise the beginning of Jan so I've only just got my Burnout License. (85 to Elite!) This is my fist wiki contribution so I'm probably making a load of mistakes. My favourite cars are:

As you may have guessed, my favourite cars are stunts. I hate speed cars. My faves may change as I get more cars.

I own Burnout 1 and Burnout Paradise

PSNs: jjbest and jjbest09

Stuff I've Done/HaveEdit

100 percent This user has attained 100% in Big Surf Island.
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Cops and Robbers Pack.
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Big Surf Island.
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Party Pack.
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Legendary Cars.
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Toy Cars Pack 1.
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Toy Cars Pack 2.


P12TrackPackage This user's favorite vehicle is the
Jansen P12 Track Package
GTConcept This user's favorite vehicle is the
Carson GT Concept

BTW, I hate the Pioneer. I would like the Diamond, but I don't really have the time to do all challenges.

Things I get annoyed about whilst playing ParadiseEdit

  • When you only just miss a Road Rule
  • When the Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition crashes pathetically
  • When you do a Freeburn Challenge with someone who doesn't understand it and won't go to the meet point
  • When you join a freeburn because someone is doing challenges, then they quit or start a freeburn game
  • When you nearly do a timed challenged, but someone messes it up
  • When the indestructable toy cars get wrecked
  • When a glance on another car sends you flying
  • When you take someone down, but crash before they do
  • Criterion's lack of announcements!!!!

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