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thumb|right|500px|I made this video, i expect it to be a one hit wonder.... at least

UnSafe RadPig94 (Talk - Contribs) Clan Membership
150px-PSN logo color trans RadPig94 Us GMT -7 Issued: Apr. 21st 2010
Mic Y - Cam N - KBD N Available: Week variable, Saturday - Sunday
Skills Stunt runs, makin people angry, and Barrel rolls.
Clan Rank Elite Courier "I hope my car insurance can cover this"
Packs Has copsHas toys1Has toys2Has islandHas legendaryHas boostHas partyHas time-savers

About meEdit

I'm that guy that annoys you by taking you down during a timed event :D

but really, I was born in Houston, Texas but've grown up everywhere else because my family is always on the move ,but as of 2010 it'll be my last move, I've lived in Ocean Side, California; Van Horn, Texas; Monticello, Maine; Killeen, Texas; Carlsbad, New Mexico and Artesia,New Mexico. Ever since around 1999 when my dad took out his NES and plugged into the TV and pulled out a game from a box and put in the classic cart of Super Mario Bros I've been addicted to games, it was not too much later then that we got a PS1 and bought Resident evil and a couple of Oddworld games, I got Jarret & Labonte Stock Car Racing and man oh man was that the most realistic game, way more realistic than any other game i've played on PS1, From there on i was now a Racing game addict. Then came Driver and Driver 2, now then i was a Racing/Adventure addict. 2 years later i got a Ps2.....

My favorite pagesEdit


first of all my fave is and it's the best place i've ever been in to just mess around it's friendly and fun. In the coolrom forums (if you ever feel to go there) never ever talk to Kameo, he flames a lot and calls anyone who believes in God a whore, he has been warned many times, in fact he used to be a super mod of the place, he just randomly banned people and was banned for a year or two, but he's back with the rank of "lowly a**wipe".


this was my team i used to fly with in Aces High II (an online WWII sim where you fly planes, drive tanks, and command boats and it's not an arcade feel, it feels pretty real)


place where you can make cards to show ur progress of any game imaginable

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