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August 22, 2010

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HELLO welcome to my happy time,BURNOUT!

Hi, im here to tell stradeggies, gameplay, and other things about burnout p.,ledgends,and revenge.

i can allow commenting on my blogs and pictures, i will not allow editing on my pages, so my rules are simple.

i may tell were some secret things are,such as places,biliboards,gates,and so on.

so you can look forward to other things too.

AGGRESTION TYPES: Aggrestion types are built for road rage and markman events but some cant seist to do both right, check out my blog to see what i mean.

File:Lm classic front-1-.png

STUNT TYPES:some of the stunt types of paradise arent realy able to do stunts realy well so here are some that do have problems:

the waston R Turbo Roadster isnt realy good at barrel rolls (or maybe i just suck but i dont know) but it can race realy good.

the hunter manhattan cant barrel roll well but it is strong so it can stand a chance in road rage, the manhatten custom how ever can do both R.R. and race events.

the calvery cant do stunts for crap but for a beginner car its strong so it can do R.R. & M.M. events.

SPEED TYPES:speed types can do race and M.M.

please comment on my pictures i found.

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