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About meEdit

Hi =D i'm Trainguyxx. I'm a huge burnout fan, and i've played every single burnout game (exept for 2, can't get my hands on a copy =/) since i was a little kid. My first xbox live videogame was burnout 3, and i still play that game religiously, and can beat the game within a day, also unlocking cars before the original class cars are unlocked XD. I play Burnout Paradice alot, but I still feel that it doesn't have as good of a feel as the old burnouts. So far i've one hundred percented the original game, and the bike addon, and big surf island, and i have every single car exept the diamond car eright now, including the carbon and sponsor cars, and all this without the time savers pack =D (yes i'm a showoff, but with a good reason). My favorite burnout vehicle in any game is still the firetruck, and i hope criterion will eventually impliment it into paradice, cause i really miss driving it against others XD.

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Burnopedia Clan CardEdit

Harmless Trainguyxx (Talk - Contribs) Clan Membership
Xbox-logo Trainguyxx EST (-5) Issued: 10/29/09
Mic Y - Cam N - KBD Y Available: Almost Always
Skills Road Rage, Marked Man, Burnout Crash modes
Clan Rank Learner "Frog blast the vent core!"
Packs Has copsHas toys1Has toys2Has islandHas legendaryHas boostHas party

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