The standard Montgomery Hyperion (Jaguar E-Type)

So, when I first purchased Burnout Paradise for the PlayStation 3, I began to realise the cars that the Burnout vehicles gave a representation of. A few cars in, I unlocked the Montgomery Hyperion, a classic car with a stunt boost type. In the game, the Hyperion represents the legendary Jaguar E-Type, my favorite ever car of all time. The wire wheels, long bonnet and roadster rear represents the E-Type perfectly. 

Previously, I had never heard of an E-Type being represented in a video game before. After Burnout had released it, another driving game called 'Test Drive Unlimited' had released an exact representation of it, and was called the 'Jaguar E-Type' in the game, as they had managaed to get the license to use real vehicular companies and names. 

The name 'Montgomery' in Burnout seems to oddly represent two companies. The Montgomery Hyperion represents the British 'Jaguar E-Type', the Montgomery GT 2400 represents the 'Jaguar XJR-9', but Montgomery Hawker Mech represents the German 'Mercedes SLK', so its a bit of England VS Germany!

The Montgomery Hyperion comes in other forms in Burnout Paradise. The basic model (pictured) gives good boost and looks fantastic, and comes standard with the classic British Racing Green paint colour that can be changed after you hunt it down. The Montgomery Hyperion 'Rattler' is  the upgraded version of the standard Hyperion. It packs in more boost, has racing tyres and lightweight wheels instead of wires and comes with a paintjob including a rattle snake (hence the 'Rattler' in the name). Lastly, the standard Hyperion is featured in the PCPD purchaseable package. Although the Jaguar E-Type never performed as a police vehicle in real life, adding it to the PCPD package in Burnout was a great idea. It comes with the original classic rotating police beacon light (instead of LED used in all other PCPD vehicles) and the classic British police livery. The Krieger Pioneer also has a British police livery, representing I think London's Thames Valley Police.

Although it is quite a forgotten vehicle in Burnout Paradise, it has to be my favorite car in the game. I even take down GT Concept's, Inferno Van's (another of my favorites!) and Krieger Pioneers in the Hyperion! 


The Montgomery Hyperion PCPD.

Hyperion rattler

The Montgomery Hyperion Rattler.

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