Utility C150 Super
Utility C150 Super
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Ratings Unknown

The Utility C150 Super is a Crash Mode vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

Fixed up and apparently a utility of Criterion Games, the Utility C150 Super is faster and has a stronger crashbreaker. This van handles well in the air and, surprisingly, on the ground too. A few traffic cars might exit the junction while the C150 is in the progress of entering, but its explosions should stop almost anything once it has crashed.

This is the only "super" crash vehicle that can be painted four colors: black, grey, bluish black and dark red.

How to Unlock Edit

PS2/Xbox Win a Medal at the Lone Peak Crash Doughnut Disturb in a Rank 5.

Xbox 360 Win a Medal at the Lone Peak Crash Jumping Jack Trash in a Rank 4.

Resemblance Edit

The Utility C150 Super resembles a Ford Panel Van. It is a repaired, cleaned-up version of the Utility C140 Heavy. It is equipped with a ladder and various other items, and seems to be a news van or electrician's van. It also resembles two traffic vehicles in Burnout Paradise: the News Van and the Repair Van.


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