Race Specials Class
Class Image Unlock
Race Special 71-custom-coupe-ulitmate Collect a Medal in every Race Event.
Custom Coupe Ultimate
Race Special 72-oval-special-racer Perform all Signature Takedowns.
Oval Special Racer
Race Special 73-classic-hot-rod Collect all Special Event Postcards.
Classic Hot Rod
Race Special 74-euro-circuit-racer Collect all Takedown Trophies.
Euro Circuit Racer
Race Special 75-us-circuit-racer Gold medal in the Super Grand Prix.
US Circuit Racer
Race Special 76-world-circuit-racer Win Gold in the Special Grand Prix.
World Circuit Racer
Race Special 77-cop-racer Win Gold on all Pursuits.
Cop Racer
Race Special 78-gangster-boss Gold medal in all Race Events, including GP and Legend GP.
Gangster Boss

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