Super Class
Class Image Unlock
Super 57-super-type-1 Unlock the Super Series
Super Type 1
Super 58-super-type-2 Unlock the Super Series
Super Type 2
Super 59-super-type-3 Unlock the Super Series.
Super Type 3
Super 60-super-cop Bronze Medal in either the Winter City Pursuit or Island Paradise Pursuit.
Super Cop
Super 61-legend-super-car PSP - Earn Gold in the Airport 3 Legend Face-Off.
DS - Earn Gold in the Harbour Town Legend Face-Off.
Legend Super Car
Super 62-legend-hot-rod Win Gold in the Palm Bay Legend Face-Off.
Legend Hot Rod
Super 63-dominator-super Earn 200,000 Burnout Points.
Dominator Super
Super 64-tuned-super Win 75 Gold Medals.
Tuned Super
Super 65-assassin-super Perform 150 Takedowns.
Assassin Super
Super 66-super-collector-1 Win Gold in the Dockside Eliminator.
Super Collector 1
Super 67-super-collector-2 Win a Collector Challenge Race or a random World Tour event within the Super series.
Super Collector 2
Super 68-super-collector-3 Unknown
Super Collector 3
Super 69-super-collector-4 Unknown
Super Collector 4
Super 70-super-collector-5 Unknown
Super Collector 5
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