Whiplash is the "tragic" song for Interstate and Rush Hour tracks. It plays after crashing several times.

Burnout 1 Soundtrack - Whiplash (Stereo)02:26

Burnout 1 Soundtrack - Whiplash (Stereo)

Stereo version of Whiplash

Burnout 1 OST - Whiplash02:27

Burnout 1 OST - Whiplash

Mono version of Whiplash

The stereo version has bells ringing in the background and an electic guitar at the end. The Mono version of Whiplash does not have either.

Notes Edit

  • Quite strangely, this is the only tragic song that plays in Face to Face.
  • This song is the only song to not make it to Burnout Paradise and EA Trax.

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