Wind Farm
Wind Farm
Type Landmark
Location Paradise City
District White Mountain
(Crystal Summit)
Races 5
Burning Routes 4
Marked Man 2
Original 2
Timed 2
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 18-17-47-64

A full view of The Wind Farm from the mountainside.

The Wind Farm is the west event destination located in White Mountain.

Events and Challenges Edit

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Wind Farm.

Career Events Edit

Event TypeEvent NameStarting Point
RaceCatch My DriftSouth Bay Expressway & Hall
RaceGo West!Newton & East Crawford
RacePower SurgeChubb & West Lake
RaceRace to the SummitFranke & Young
RaceSpin City1st & Glancey
Marked ManPower Struggle2nd & Fry
Marked ManRun Like the WindParadise & 5th

Burning Routes Edit

Event TypeEvent NameStarting PointTime LimitReward
Burning Route (Right)Thunder Custom Burning RouteLambert & Lawrence2:10Carson Thunder Shadow
Burning Route (Right)500 GT Burning RouteEvans & 3rd2:35Carson Racing 500 GT
Burning Route (Right)Hawker Burning Route2nd & Angus2:45Montgomery Hawker Solo
Burning Route (Right)P12 Burning RouteSouth Bay Expressway2:12Jansen P12 Track Package

Freeburn Challenges Edit

Car freeburn challenges with no time limiter.

Players # Name Type Description
3 22 Windy Spinner Driver Challenge Get a total of over 360 degrees of Flat Spin at the Wind Farm on North Mountain Drive.
8 27 Wind Farm Meet Team Challenge Meet at the Wind Farm.

Timed Car Challenges Edit

Car challenges with a time limiter.

Players  # Name Target Part 1 Part 2
6 4 Thrill Grill 02m15s Meet up in the Car Park of the Waterfall Diner on East Lake Drive. Land 20 Jumps as a team over the gap north of the Wind Farm to finish the challenge.
8 1 Flyby 04m00s Each driver get 3 Aerial Near Misses over the gap north of the Wind Farm. Meet up in the Waterfall Diner Car Park on East Lake Drive to stop the clock.

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