Winding Road Grand Prix Championship stage 05 - Winding Road Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Championship stage 05 - Winding Road Grand Prix - B2 menu
Part of Championship
Type Grand Prix
Goal Place 1st in the Grand Prix
B2 Trophy A
Total 4 Races

The Winding Road Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Championship. It is unlocked by completing the Run to the Sun event.

It is the fifth stage of the Championship and is composed of 4 Races. It is a moderately easy championship, but is also more lengthy, including more long tracks then the previous Grand Prix. The player races against the Pickup (in yellow), the SUV (in burgundy) and the Sport in black. If one of these colors are used by the player, the Pickup will appear in silver while the SUV and Sport will both appear in white, The Coupe will show up in blue if one of these cars are used by the player, and will also show up in white if they color themselves blue.

Events Edit

This event is comprised of 4 races:.

Title Icon
Sunrise Valley Downtown Sunrise Valley Downtown B2 thumb
Interstate Loop Interstate Loop B2 thumb
Airport Terminal 1 & 2 Airport Terminal 1 & 2 B2 thumb
Palm Bay Marina Palm Bay Marina B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

  • Upon winning this Grand Prix, the player is rewarded with a Trophy. The Miracle Mile is unlocked, as well as the track Heartbreak Hills.
    • Earning all Gold medals on all 4 races (in other words, finishing all 4 races in 1st place) unlocks Face Off 2.
  • Completing the Winding Road Grand Prix contributes, with the 3 other Grand Prix, to the unlocking of the Invulnerability Cheat.
  • Winning a Gold medal on this stage also contributes to the unlocking of the Infinite Boost Cheat.

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