Works R190 DX
Works R190 DX
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Weighticon Super Light
Breakericon Force 7
Empty License Plate


Boosting 190 MPH

The Works R190 DX is a vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

Aside from the traditional spoiler and bodykit added to DX cars, the Works R190 DX has another unique modification: new taillights. Not much is changed in performance, but the lighter weight makes the car easier to steer than the ST variant. It does not seem to have any trouble in acquiring takedowns or standing against rivals despite the weight decrease.

How to UnlockEdit

Earn a Bronze Medal at Central Route Grand Prix 6 in Rank 6.


Its headlights represent the Ferrari F40 and the front has a similarity to the Works R202 GT.

See AlsoEdit

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