The World Circuit Racer utilises the same model and similar performance as the World Circuit Racer from Burnout 3: Takedown. The car is very fragile and controlling it is somewhat difficult but it is very fast. It wise to focus more on blowing past opponents rather than brawling them. Because of its stiff steering, it is not the most recommended for Maniac events despite its appearnce.

Its race number is #07 and it is sponsored by a fictional company called Epipoqe. Most likely a racing team, the company features a dark red/orange color scheme and has the slogan "performance is our passion".

How to Unlock Edit

The World Circuit Racer is unlocked by getting a 3x Burnout in the Spiritual Towers Reverse Burnout Challenge.

Resemblance Edit

The World Circuit Racer mostly resembles Indy Race Cars due to a hoop installed in place of a central air intake. The resurrection of the Logitech World Racer from Burnout Revenge and the Krieger Walmart WTR in Burnout Paradise. The Race Specials Series closely resembles the real-life 2007 Champ Car DP-01.