The game icon as it would have appeared in game.

The Yodobashi Custom is an unreleased Sponsor Car version of the Kitano Hydros, with Yodobashi as the sponsor. Criterion, however, hid the Yodobashi Custom from playability before the release of Burnout Paradise. The hidden sponsor tuner became known to the Criterion Games Forum community, alongside other Secret Cars, after two gamers announced that they had used cheats, hacks, and/or game modifiers to unlock them for play. Currently, there is no known method for unlocking this vehicle.
Yodobashi Custom

Yodobashi Custom in PS3 version of the game. Version 1.0

The Yodobashi Custom has the same statistics as the Kitano Hydros Custom before the release of the Free February Update. This would have made the Yodobashi Custom perform, handle and respond in the same manner as the Hydros Custom but with the stunt boost conversion

Yodobashi is an electronics store chain in Japan. It is unknown why Yodobashi was dropped as a sponsor but this isn't the first instance of an electronics store sponsor in Burnout Paradise as Micromania is a sponsor in the French version of the game. Additionally, Micromania uses the Hydros Custom too and perhaps only one car model can be used per sponsor.

Yodobashi could have also been dropped because of the fact that the B'z rock music group were already a Japanese sponsor, despite the fact that Yodobashi sells video games and could have promoted Burnout Paradise.


Yodobashi exclusively brings you this funky Hydros Custom. Get out there and chain some Burnouts!

How to UnlockEdit

The Yodobashi Custom cannot be unlocked via normal means.


The Yodobashi custom, as with all Hydros Custom derivatives, resembles a 1993 Honda Civic EG6 at the front, and slightly resembles a Honda CRX ED9 or EE8 at the rear.


The stat fields of the Yodobashi Custom, like the other sponsor vehicles and their base versions, are typically the same as the stat fields of the Hydros Custom before the Free February Update but with the stunt boost conversion


The description says, "Go Chain Some Burnouts!" It is impossible because this car has stunt boost except if it is hacked.



Burnout Paradise - Yodobashi Custom

Burnout Paradise - Yodobashi Custom

The Yodobashi Custom on the streets of paradise!

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